WP Rollmeister proofer
  • WP Rollmeister proofer

    It is a used WP Rollmeister proofer with lateral support belt for sale. The proofer was partially dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. Defective parts have been replaced, new felts have been installed on the headers.
    The proofer is fully functional and immediately available.
    Suitable for the production of cut rolls, inconclusively long rolled dough pieces, smooth round dough pieces, hamburgers, baguette rolls.
    Power range: - approx. 5,100 pcs/h
    Weight range: 30gr. - 70gr.
    The machine is equipped with a 4-row printing board. A length of 12cm can be achieved for dough cutting (depending on the dough and depending on the weight of the dough).
    On request, a suitable head machine can be offered.

    Price on request.