• WP mixer UC 50 AC with 3 x bowls

    It is a used WP mixer UC 50 AC with 3 x bowls for sale. All wear parts have been renewed (bearings, belts,...). The machine works flawlessly and the mixing tool gearbox runs very smoothly. It has a stainless steel kneading tool, stainless steel boiler, friction wheel drive and flour dust cover.
    The machine has an automatically pivoting machine head, has an automatic boiler feeder and two kneading speeds (adjustable). The direction of rotation of the mixing tray can be changed (mixing). With integrated water connection.
    Flour socket: max. 50kg, dough holder: max. 80kg, connection 380V, 50Hz, 3Ph, 32A-CEE plug
    A video can be sent on request.

    Price on request.