Seewer Rondo Kombi sheeter SKO 68
  • Seewer Rondo Kombi sheeter SKO 68

    It is a used, reconditioned Seewer Rondo Kombi sheeter SKO 68 for sale. The machine is fully functional and new belts have been assembled. The bearings and V-belts have been renewed (also in the machine head). The combined sheeter is suitable for all types of dough, turing and roll-out for the long-lasting effect of all bread doughs, rye, wheat and mixed bread doughs with a straight end, for long rolling of braids, pretzel sticks as well as working of Parisian bread and caviar bars. You can also make ribs. Rolled bread doughs are rolled in.  
    Technical data:
    - with pull-out table
    - has manual, infinitely variable roller position
    - with 3 steps automatic (roller delivery steps adjustable via selector lever)
    - Synchronous gearbox prevents jam, shrink or tear ingesle of the dough belt
    - Bandwidth 650mm
    - Roller opening max. 45mm
    - Connection: 400V, 16A-CEE plug
    A video can be sent on request.

    Price on request.