WP Multimatic Type MUC-G 4-rows
  • WP Multimatic Type MUC-G 4-rows

    Used, reconditioned WP Multimatic Type MUC-G 4-rows
    (on request we can offer kinds of Multimatic types, for example 5- und 6-rows, MUS-version) 


    Range of application

    The fully automatic dough dividing and moulding machine, model Multimatic, is designed for processing of common roll dough’s (for instance dough’s with a long floor time, Graham and Alsatian dough’s). As pilot machine of a roll line it can be combined with several other machines.


    Mode of operation

    The dough is filled in to the hopper or apportioning device by hand or via a suitable dough feeding appliance.

    The dough is aspirated into the dough box via the delivery plungers.

    The rotary slide gate with the measuring plunger swivels by 90 ° and the dough pieces are ejected by the measuring plunger. A rapidly rotating discarding roller supplies the divided dough pieces to the continuously running rotary moulding device. Following the round-moulding process, the dough pieces are deposited onto individual conveyors belts (spreader belts) and leave the machine with their moulded end downwards.
    The machine included with hydraulically adjustable processing pressure.

    600– 2000 pc/h per row

    Weight range
    Weight dough piece 50gr. – 150gr.

    Dough types

    - Wheat dough
    - Wheat mix dough
    - Rye mix and special dough

    The manufacturing includes:

    - machine complete dismantled
    - reconstruction of the machine from base frame:
    - lacquered parts new grounded and lacquered
    - coated parts new coated


    Wear parts rebuild:

    - wide V-belt, ejecting shaft, brushes, scraber, etc. - new
    - all bearings  - new
    - chain and sprockets – new
    - bearing seating checked, if they are outside of tolerance, they will be bushed and renewed
    - dividing chamber of the machine is completely reworked, its in the tolerance of a new machine – no signs of wear
    - base plate, side parts and delivery plunger new polished and adjusted, the absolute precision fit conforms a new machine
    - chamber cylinders new polished and new metering pistons fitted
    - new moulding belt and new spreader belts
    - moulding gear complete disassembled, complete rebuilt, faulty parts renewed
    - stainless steel hopper with new and high class Teflon coated
    - the electrical of the machine complete renewed, inclusive new frequency converter for
    infinitely speed adjustable


    Price on request.

    included one moulding drum


    Optional following points:

    - Bigger funnel
    - variable variable frequency drive (piece/hour)
    - Patented double-piston system       
    - extra Moulding drum for difficult weight ranges   


    Delivery time: on request


    6 month parts warranty (except wear parts) per one shift operation


    Included: electronic schematic and documentation