Glimek conical rounder CR-310 GM
  • Glimek conical rounder CR-310 GM

    It is a used, reconditioned Glimek conical rounder CR-310 GM for sale.
    The conical rounder was completely dismantled and rebuilt. The bearings and the electrics are renewed. The tangles and cones have been re-teflonized. The plastic guides on the females have been renewed.
    - with oiling
    - with adjustable gutters
    - with addition mehler at the outlet
    - with heating and blower (cold air or hot air)
    - additional guide channel for input at position 3 o'clock
    - Cone drive with frequency converter
    - Power: max. 3600 pieces / hour (depending on the dough)
    - Wirklänge: 3600mm
    - Weight range: 30gr. - 1800gr.
    - External dimensions: approx. 1.30m x 1.30m, height: 1.55m
    - Weight: 550kg
    A video can be sent on request.

    Price on request.